"FULL MOON” is the most sophisticated store regarding music and TV/film merchandise in Greece.We also keep an enormous collection of clothes and accessories that rocks! A place where you can find anything that has to do with your favorite band, movie, tv character along with many other cool stuff. Our backround is based on legendary “MENIOS” , the total all-merch shop in Greece for 30 years and the place which was the pioneer of music merchandise in Greece and it's reputation has exceeded the country's borders.

After 30 years in business, we are proud to offer you online the greatest collections in a big range of products; t-shirts, longsleeves, hooded sweatshirts, flags, posters, patches, pins, jewellery, leather accessories, jams, work shirts, caps, beanies, figures etc. We never stay restless when it has to do with the update of our collection. That's why, based on our knowledge and experience, we managed to gather great stuff for you from all over the world, always based on the high quality standards we established in our company! 

Of course, we are always ready to serve all of you who like to shop by the old traditional way. Please pay a visit to our stores in Athens where you can take a closer look of our outstanding and quality products or even give us your pre-order about a specific item; we will be most happy to assist you. Our collection is updating constantly; we keep having new arrivals almost every week, while many new brands are entering our collection every year.

Our activities have grown beyond retail sales. We are now able to support also other smaller shops or online retailers. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you any information regarding our wholesale program. And for all of you who are interested to make your own merchandise for your band or club, we do have the answer to that too! We have the ability to produce for you high quality products in very reasonable prices.

Enjoy browsing!